ZSpeed Performance 300ZX Aluminum Engine Splash Shield

Replace those old, often broken factory plastic shields with ZSpeed Performance Aluminum shields!
ZSpeed Performance aluminum engine belly pan fits all 1990-1996 300ZX Twin Turbos OR Non Turbos! These are designed to replace the wimpy plastic engine splash shield tray that the 300ZX comes with from the factory. The Factory plastic shield is usually missing, sagging or soaked with oil or other fluids. The OEM piece is over $100.00 and won't last. If your shield is missing, you will notice a lot less dirt in the engine compartment and less dirt and dust on the back of your car after installing the new shield as the fan doesn't blow it all off the ground and into or on your car. This will last pretty much forever, will not absorb fluids, and is designed to vent more hot air out of the engine compartment for a cooler running Z. These will also better protect the front of your engine, hoses, PS lines, etc., that all run under the front of your Z in harms way from road debris. All shields come with new corrosion resistant mounting hardware.
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