SZ/RPS Max 6-Puck Clutch for Z32TT, Z33

Special Price $595.00 Regular Price $699.00
Our 6-Puck MAX clutch kits, for the 300ZX and 350Z, are designed for the spirited driver that wants a little quicker grab than a full face clutch like our MAX Street. This is a good clutch overall but shouldn't be viewed as a drag racing clutch, only the High 5 is designed for that purpose. For more information, please read the product description below.
SZ Max Series clutch (Rated @ 700 foot pounds of torque) This Clutch is for cars with upgraded large turbos. The Guys with the BIG HP! The pressure plate on this clutch has 700 pounds more clamping force then stock. Comes with a HD 6-Puck disc for the aggressive driver. Made to last 15,000 miles on the average. An excellent upgrade for the VQ line. Larger and holds more power. VQs are required to use our flywheel or the JWT. Internal slave models are required to use our flywheels and include an upgraded bearing. Includes throwout bearing, pilot bushing, and alignment tool.
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