SZ/RPS Max Street Clutch for Z32TT, Z33

Special Price $595.00 Regular Price $699.00
All new version 2 clutch disc!! Our new disc is now even stronger, smoother, and features encapsulated springs to prevent failures. This is our best selling street clutch for the 300ZX Twin Turbo or 350Z. Featuring a sprung hub and full face disc, this is the most comfortable clutch we sell while still withstanding high hp applications. Please read the product description below for more information.
SZ Max Series clutch (Rated @ 700 foot pounds of torque) This Clutch is for cars with upgraded large turbos. The Guys with the BIG HP! The pressure plate on this clutch has 700 pounds more clamping force then stock. This Max Clutch comes with a modified OE style street disc. The standard street Disc sold by all the companies have a wavy spring in the middle called a "Marcel" spring for a really long engagement and the Disc's are normally only riveted for attachment. The problem with the street material is it is brittle and the small attachment area with these Disc's can cause the material to de-face when you miss a shift, or dump the clutch at high RPM. To make a street disc much stronger we removed the Marcel spring to get more contact area to hold the material and we use a really strong special glue along with the rivets. This combination is much more durable and the engagement is just like the stock organic disc. An excellent upgrade for the VQ line. Larger and holds more power. VQs are required to use our flywheel or the JWT. Internal slave models are required to use our flywheel and include an upgraded bearing. Includes throwout bearing, pilot bushing, and alignment tool.
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