SZ Boost Control Solenoid Connector

We sourced these as a simple way of connecting a boost solenoid to your EcuTek tuned VQ37VHR. Please read the product description below for more information.
For boosted VHR applications, you will need a way to connect a boost solenoid. We came up with a easy all-in-one kit to do this as quickly and as cleanly as possible. This plugs directly into the EVAP connection located directly on the backside of the intake plenum, and is reconfigured through EcuTek to understand it as a boost solenoid. Our harness connects directly into the EFI harness, so this can realistically be installed in about 20-30 minutes total. You have the option of building your own kit if you prefer, by choosing the pigtail option. It's far cheaper, but you'll still need a boost solenoid, bracket, hardware, fittings, wiring, and conduit. This option is purely DIY and will require a decent level of technical knowledge. If you have any questions about this product, please email
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