ZSpeed Stage 3 Super Street High Power Clutch Kit Choose Options 370Z G37 G35S

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ZSpeed Stage 3 Super Street High Power Clutch Kit

High performance, High Quality, High Power Holding!

Torque Rating, Static 604, RWTQ 512

Our Stage 3 Super Street kit is the perfect kit for Boosted cars, Quick clutch action and high strength is what this kit is all about.

ZSpeed Super street pressure plate has a high clamping force while retaining a comfortable, medium firmness pedal.

Our Super Street clutch offers a correct height and clean mid pedal release point while retaining a mostly smooth engagement.

  • Pressure plate will retain high clamp load through out the disk life
  • Ductile plate Casting for High RPM Strength and damage from excessive heat.

Ultra Fiber Racing Organic Clutch Disk

  • 17,000 RPM Burst Strength, Modifications to the friction material composite, specifically the copper weave will increase the heat-resistance characteristics and burst strength eliminating the need to reinforce the friction material with a steel backer and glue, this steel backer also adds weight (inertia) to the disk which slows down shifts and is a common practice in some competitors kits..
  • Low wear rate,  Overuse of the clutch system in the party released position or use in a motor-sport environment will adversely impact on the wear rate of a conventional organic friction material unlike “Ultra Fiber” friction material which has a stable wear rate over a wide temperature range.
  • The performance of a standard organic friction material usually suffers after slipping, the “Ultra Fiber” asbestos free material which retains high friction co-efficiency after being subjected to conditions associated with motor-sport applications and unlike competitors materials, if “fade” is experienced the“Ultra Fiber” material will recover after a cooling down period.
  • The Ultra Fiber Disc maintains the superior half-engagement feeling specific to the Organic material. With improved high heat resistance, it provides the functionality essential for street performance and mild racing applications.

Works great with most boosted applications upto 500RWTQ.  Pedal effort is firmer than stock but still very comfortable.

Flywheel  ZSpeed 19lbs Billet Steel Offers Quicker revs, Better drivability and durability over OE dual mass.

ADD CMAK Clutch fork Conversion Release System 

  • ZSpeed CMAK V3 CSC Repair System.  This kit replaces the OEM style Plastic Concentric Clutch Slave Cylinder with a Heavy duty solid steel clutch fork/pivot style setup and externally mounted high grade clutch slave cylinder for ultimate durability and a permanent fix to internal CSC issues and is easily serviced in the future.
  • Does not include Clutch Master Cylinder, You can purchase separately per your model.