Z1 '03-'07 G35 Cold Air Intake System

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Product Description

Introducing the Z1 G35 Cold Air Intake, the ultimate bolt-on upgrade for your 2003-2007 G35 Coupe or 2004-2006 G35 Sedan. This high-performance intake system is a bolt-on upgrade engineered to increase horsepower and torque while providing more consistent intake air temperatures than any other intake system on the market! Easy to install with minimal modifications, the Z1 G35 Cold Air Intake System is the perfect addition to any G35 performance build. Experience improved throttle response, faster acceleration, and an overall boost in performance.


The design for Z1's G35 Cold Air Intake begins by eliminating the multi-piece factory airbox, mass air flow sensor (MAF) housing, and corrugated intake tube. In place of the factory intake, you will find a single-piece roto-molded air box made from cross-linked polyethylene, engineered to fit our custom-designed dry-media air filter. The stock corrugated tube and MAF housing have been replaced with a roto-molded intake tube, allowing air to reach the throttle body with minimum turbulence and interruption. The intake tube is seamlessly attached to the throttle body by a multi-layer reinforced silicone coupler, with diameter-matched steps for both the tube and the throttle body. This helps the air seamlessly transition from one body to another without inducing turbulence. The Z1 airbox draws in high-pressure cold air from behind the factory grill and features an extra air inlet near the corner of the box. This reduces intake air temperatures and allows your car to run more efficiently, making more power and torque. To improve aesthetics, the MAF has been relocated to the bottom of the inlet tube. 

Note: While the intake tube and box are compatible with the factory PCV hose, we recommend using a 350Z PCV Hose with this intake for optimal fitment. Due to the numerous color options, this PCV hose is not included.


Our custom-designed air filter features an integrated velocity stack. This is used to maximize airflow by allowing air to enter the intake piping through an unobstructed rounded taper (similar to a trumpet horn.) This results in less intake turbulence, increased volume, and increased air velocity, allowing your intake system to work at its maximum potential. The large dry media Z1 Air Filter was chosen for 2 reasons; unlike conventional oil bath cotton filters there is less of a chance of contaminating the vehicle's Mass Air Flow Sensor, and the filters do not clog as easily in dusty environments.


The graph below illustrates the average performance gains that can be expected when installing the Z1 Cold Air Intake. The car used in the dyno test below was a 2004 G35 Sedan with manual transmission and prototype Z1 Exhaust. The graph in blue shows a gain of 11whp and 13wtq after installing the Z1 Cold Air Intake, while the graph in green shows additional gains of approximately 5whp when combined with a Z1 Plenum Spacer.


  • Easy-to-install
  • Gains +11whp and +13wtq
  • Roto-molded air box and intake tubing
  • Serviceable dry-media air filter
  • Discreet MAF placement
  • True cold-air design maintains lower IAT
  • Retains OE air inlet placement behind the grill


  • 2004-2006 Infiniti G35 Sedan
  • 2003-2007 Infiniti G35 Coupe