UpRev MAF GT Mass Air Flow Sensor - Nissan 350Z 370Z / infiniti G35 G37 Q40 Q50 Q60

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The UpRev MAF GT is an upgraded sensor for Nissan Vehicles. The sensor retains the same connector and pin-out as vehicles using the following part numbers

  • Nissan – 22680-7S000
  • Hitachi – W0133-1723137
  • Hitachi – MAF0031

For vehicles using different MAF part numbers some wiring may be required. This sensor is not a factory replacement, ECU calibration is required in order to use the UpRev GT MAF. The GT MAF voltage scale has been changed to suite higher airflow and so the ECU should be calibrated to suit the different voltage curve. This MAF is capable of reading up to 600hp on a factory 350Z VQ35DE MAF housing, can read higher numbers with a bigger MAF housing.

UpRev MAF GT sensor will read almost 180% the air flow range of the factory sensor while allowing stable idle air flow measurements. If you have a Nissan or Infiniti vehicle that you're adding Forced Induction to, you will need this upgraded MAF Sensor. We've worked for many years to offer a MAF sensor that we can put our name on. Finally we have the right sensor. Years of being the only manufacturer to support Forced Induction properly on the Nissan vehicles using the factory ECU has allowed us to understand what our customers need and this is the product we've brought to market.

UpRev MAF GT sensor works on a wide range of current and older model Nissan and Infiniti vehicles. The diameter of the MAF tube changes, so and exact HP or Flow range cannot be stated for each vehicle. Nissan has generally matched the Factory MAF tube to reach the 4.9v range at 130% over the factory HP. If you're adding Forced Induction you will be out flowing the factory MAF sensor. We've designed this MAF sensor to meet those needs.

*If your vehicle has 2 MAF sensors from the factory, you will need to replace both MAF sensors.

*This unit requires UpRev Osiris Flash, or a third party Stand alone ECU for operation. It cannot be used on the factory tune, or with piggy back ECU units alone.