Powertrix Carbon Fiber Radiator Air Guide - Nissan 300Z Z32 TT NA

SKU: Powertrix Radiator Air Guide Center TT
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Powertrix Carbon Fiber Radiator Air Guide Center ONLY (TT or NA)
Add On SZ Z32 Radiator Air Guide Finisher
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Diamond CNC machined Real Aerospace grade Carbon Fiber Graphite panels with precision fitment. Increases radiator cooling efficiency. Recorded with both TECHTOM CMX-100 and MDM-100 monitoring devices to achieve up to a 8-10 degree decrease in radiator coolant temperatures while in motion. 

This is are not your normal everyday carbon fiber wet resin material than most of the industry uses for pure aesthetics. Most of the automotive industry uses fiberglass as a support material with a layer of carbon fiber covered in a heavy layer of resin. Our material consists of several uni-directional Graphite that is heat compressed and fused together with 3k plain weave pre-impregnated Carbon Fiber to produce a highly structural, extremely light panel that requires the use of diamond tipped machining tools for the CNC cutting process.

The result is a dry carbon fiber product made from the same material used to manufacture NASA's satellites that is both visually appealing and adds style to your engine bay with the added functionality of increasing engine cooling efficiency. The quality of our Carbon Fiber air guides will outlast the life of your car and is guaranteed never to warp.  

Please specify TT or NA below.

 ***PLEASE NOTE: During test fitting, due to variances in chassis, headlight alignment, and possible body repair, it may be required for minor trimming /filing of side panels for custom fitment.  It is recommended to use masking tape on both sides of the panels to protect the finish.  Dremel, Die Grinder, hand file and sand paper are recommended tools for this purpose. ***


Our SZ Z32 Radiator Air Guide Finisher

Looking for a simple and clean air guide for your stock radiator and radiator mounts? Look no further, this guide was developed and designed for our customers who we converted their NA Z32s to TTs. The air guide uses the mounting holes found on the NA chassis where the old NA radiator mounts bolted to.

On a TT chassis\body using the factory radiator and mounts all you would need to do is mark, drill, and tap to add the new holes for the air guide (6mx1.0). We recommend using ZSpec finishing hardware to mount\bolt the guide for a nice finish\look. These guides can be painted, polished, or powder coated and are made from stainless steel.

These are designed to work ONLY on factory radiator and mounts.