SZ/RPS High 5 Puck Clutch for Z32TT

SKU: SH-17909-FP
Regular price $699.00
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SZ/RPS High 5 Series clutch (Rated @ 800 foot pounds of torque) This Clutch is intended for high horsepower vehicles and/or aggressive driving. This is our new high power single disc set up, we are calling the "SZ HIGH 5". This clutch uses our new pressure plate and has an aluminum 5 puck disc that is half the weight of the standard 6 puck disc. This provides better shifting and is MUCH easier on the transmission. This set up will hold up to 800 RWHP (real-world testing) and allow shifting at much higher RPM's. Getting into the lightweight benefits reveals much improved high RPM shift-ability. There is less friction and drag which allows the input shaft to spin down quicker so as to allow the synchro's to mesh up better. There is also less parts to break like the springs on the sprung hub discs. The only down side encountered is low RPM load or lugging that creates noise transfer of the drive-train. Engagement is surprisingly easy and daily driver street-able. Kit includes: • Pressure Plate • High 5 Clutch Disk • Throwout bearing • Pilot bushing • Alignment tool