SZ ECU Socketing Service

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Check the box to confirm you will be sending in your ECU, and you understand to remove the main bracket.

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**If you are sending in your ECU to us, please remove the bracket from around the ECU** If you need only your ECU socketed, please select this option. For those who may have purchased a fuel kit, which includes our chip, you can add this to the cart if your ECU isn't socketed already. Please be sure to contact us before sending in your ECU to give us a heads up. Please put your order information with the ECUpackage for quicker service. Includes a high quality socket. For 8-bit ECUs only! Please take the cover with the Nissan sticker off (4x phillips screws) of your ECU and look at your board. 8 bit ECU's have a daughter board (half sized board mounted on top of the full size board), 16 bit ECU's do not have a daughter board. 8 bit ECU's have a long rectangular chip where the yellow circled chip is in the image above. *** This product is for off-road competition use only, not for use on emission controlled vehicles. ***