SZ Downpipes - 3'' 5-Bolt **LOW STOCK**

SKU: sz_3_5bolt_dp
Regular price $985.00

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Increase power and torque throughout your entire power band, and decrease turbo lag with these SZ designed pipes made in the USA.
Our new unique design improves upon our older super splits by increasing the overall diameter to 3" using a coned expansion process.  
Available only in raw stainless, for that totally custom fabricated look!
5-Bolt flanges will fit any new style ball bearing turbocharger available today.  Examples include the Garrett line of GT2XX, JWT Sport 530s, Sport 700s, Z1 GT series, and PE.
*** This product is for off-road, competition use only, and as such; is not for use on emission controlled vehicles. This product cannot be sold to customers in the state of California. All orders for this product, from California, will be cancelled. ***