SZ Cam Trigger Kit 300ZX

SKU: sz_camtrigger-1
Regular price $450.00
ECU (NOT Compatible with Factory ECU)

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We are now offering our own custom cam trigger kit. These provide more accuracy for cam/engine position over the factory sensor CAS when using a stand alone ECU. This is designed to be used with stand alone ECU's such as the Haltech, AEM, and Link ECUs.

For use with the VG30, RB20, RB25, RB26, CA18

The trigger setup uses a 24+1 cam sync pattern. The rotor is designed to self center during install to help keep it balanced at high RPM. The sensor is bi-polar, which can detect both the north and south pole of any magnet. When the sensor detects a south pole, it will output a negative signal on the grey wire. When the sensor detects a north pole, it will output a negative signal on the green wire. To adjust or sync the timing the trigger angle (in degrees) is used.