SZ AMS Fuel Filter Mount

SKU: SZ AMS Fuel Filter Mount
Regular price $59.99

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These mounts are designed for those who already own the AMS Fuel Filter Kit.
What's the reason for this mount? One downside to mounting the filter or any fuel components to the chassis\firewall is that NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) is transferred through to the driver. After experiencing this and losing that "luxury\comfort" feel, we designed and developed this simple mount system that bolts to the existing lower intercooler mounting bolt holes. A quick and simple installation that will make a huge difference.

Made from aluminum, these can be painted, anodized, or powder coated if you wish to have a particular color scheme. Otherwise you can leave them alone.

Includes the 3-piece brackets and 4 bolts. Original intercooler bolts will be reused.