Stoptech Big Brake Kit - 332mm - Backordered no current ETA

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SPECIAL ORDER: Currently Backordered with no ETA.

Factory sized brakes for the Z32 are great.... if your Z is 100% stock. Start unleashing more power and you'll notice they quickly get overwhelmed. There are many ways to try and combat this, but nearly all options are small changes for the money. The Akebono kit isn't properly setup for use with the Z32 brake master cylinder and ABS system. The brake bias gets thrown off and handling characteristics at speed are less than ideal. The best way to give your Z32 the brakes it deserves, is with a Stoptech BBK. Every set of these we've installed has lead to a very happy customer. The confidence you have in your Z32 will be awe inspiring! All kits come with free matching rear rotors, pads, and SS lines (you retain your factory rear caliper, it's plenty efficient). StopTech® Big Brake Kits exceed stock performance in two key areas: • Larger rotors increase heat capacity, allowing a driver to brake harder stop-after-stop with reduced chance of fade. • Stiffer calipers and stainless steel lines reduce system compliance, providing consistent pedal feel and confidence-inspiring responsiveness. The key, however, is to increase heat capacity and reduce compliance without upsetting a vehicle's stock front-to-rear brake torque ratio. That is why StopTech® developed the Balanced Brake Upgrade® design philosophy, which precisely apportions front and rear braking resources while factoring in vehicle weight transfer under braking. Every StopTech Balanced Big Brake Kit is engineered to produce that optimal balance using caliper bores and pistons specifically selected and tested for each vehicle application. This is what sets StopTech apart from off-the-shelf solutions. In contrast, a brake upgrade that adds too much front torque (as many do), will reduce your car's ability to maximize the traction available from all four tires, robbing you of performance. In addition, a system that uses too many pistons or pistons that are too large will make the brake pedal much more difficult to modulate, limiting a driver's control of brake input.