Specialty-Z Baer 2-Piece Front Brake Rotors Z32 (Slotted)

SKU: Specialty-Z Baer Front Brake Rotors Z32 (Slotted)
Regular price $365.00

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These SZ spec'd Baer rotors feature a 2-piece aluminum hat design for superior light weight savings and feature curved vane zinc coated slotted rotors. Something you can't find in a stock sized rotor for the Z32.

Meant for the 1991+ NAs and 1990+ TTs. Sold in pairs (Left and Right)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you mount the brake pad with the squealers on the outside\hat side you will need to modify the brake pad so that it does not have the squealer (grind it off flush with bottom of pad). If possible use the squealer on the inside of the caliper and rotor!