Powertrix Ground Kit

Regular price $69.00

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This is a custom tailored kit designed specifically for the Nissan 300zx. It was created to common ground 5 major points in the engine bay. (Battery, plenum, body and the 2 major sensor grounds) With this kit, there is almost no voltage loss across the wires when measured with a Fluke digital multi-meter.

All ends are tin plated copper for better corrosion resistance and to ensure good conductivity. Every kit is soldered using silver solder on all joints. The reason for soldering all points is to create one uniformed piece that will not corrode or loose contact like other ground wire kits that piggy-back another piece of wire to connect to the next ground point.

Once the ring terminals are soldered they are covered with color matched shrink tubing, (except for dark blue which uses black shrink tubing). All ring terminals are bolt sized matched for easy install.

Confirm by contacting us that color you want is available, before purchase.