Powertrix Coilovers - Ultra-Lite 300Z / Z32

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The (UL) Ultra-Lite Coilover System is the ultimate in all-around performance and handling. It features the aluminum pillow ball upper mounts and independent ride height and spring pre-load adjust-ability. For the serious Motorsports competitor, the (UL) Coilover System incorporates a larger diameter premium racing damper/shock that features an aluminum housings for an approximate 10% decrease in weight making them the competitor’s choice for those watching un-sprung weight and allows for longer more consistent damping during competition/racings sessions. With all the adjustment and spring options, it is possible to set up the vehicle to meet all situations and scenarios. Though the strut housing of the damper is aluminum to save weight, the POWERTRIX (UL) Ultra-Lite Coilover System features heat tempers forged steel for bottom mounting cups for maximum strength where is it needed the most at the point of where the coilover assembly bolts to the hub of the car. 

The (UL) Ultra Lite Coilover Sytems' aluminum shock bodies make an entire assembly approximately 2-3 lbs. lighter. Though this does not sound like a lot, it can make a big difference performance-wise when the dynamics of sprung vs. un-sprung weight is considered. Sprung weight is defined as a parts weight while in motion or constant oscillation. Un-sprung weight is the actual weight of the part as it is at rest or not in motion. Sprung weight is calculated to be approximately 3-4 time its un-sprung weight. 

Therefore a coilover assemble that is 2-3 time lighter than another can be as much as 6-12 lbs. lighter while in motion, so calculating that savings on each corner of the car can be as much as 24-48 lbs. of weight savings which makes the car much more agile and more nimble on its "feet". 


Direct Bolt On Fit, no modification required.Independent Ride height and Spring Preload adjust-abilityRebuild-able/Replaceable Premium 55mm aluminum shock boby mono-tube dampersIncreased range of performance damper settings(Complete All for Corners) Front and Rear Pillow ball upper mounts 15 way strut damper adjustments (PPI) Polymer Plastic Injected dust boots (New Feature)Upgraded Front Lower mounting bracket and bushings (New Feature)(Standard 8k/6k Spring Rates) 175mm front and 200mm rear spring length.*Custom Spring Rates also Available *All coilover kits are rebuild-able / replace-able so it can be last strut and spring combination ever needed. Fine tuning of the suspension is also possible for any and every type of driving style, or motorsport event as custom spring rates are available from 3kg/mm (168 lbs/in) – 17kg/mm (952 lbs/in) Note: + or – 2 kg/mm on spring rate changes will require re-valving.  


 UPGRADE to The SWIFT Springs advantage:

      POWERTRIX has partnered with SWIFT Springs to offer the very best in suspension spring technology. SWIFT spring composition is manufactured using their own proprietary steel alloy "HS5.TW". This material was formulated in order to maintain the 4 major performance factors listed below, as well as achieving the fastest reaction speed possible to get compliance on road surface conditions.

 “SWIFT springs are created with proprietary winding methods, as well as some other trade secrets focused on ensuring the their product separates them from the standard market."

 The 4 Factors that separate Swift from the rest of the spring industry: 

  1. Consistent spring rate throughout the stroke = more consistent performance
  2. The largest amount of stroke to maximize suspension motion.
  3. The highest durability against loss of spring height = excellent material memory prevents springs sag over.
  4. Extremely light weight to reduce sprung weight increasing over all agility.