Nissan OEM Turbo Intake Inlet Pipe, Upgrade for 09-11 Models, L & R Set - Nissan GT-R 12+ R35

SKU: 14460-38B0A & 14460-38B0B
Regular price $1,609.77

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These Inlet Suction Pipes are about 15% larger in diameter than the 2008-2011 GTR. More air flow creates more power.

Brand new genuine Nissan Turbo Inlet Pipe for the Nissan 2012 R35 GT-R. This turbo inlet pipe is is much larger in diameter compared to the earlier models which results in better air flow for the engine. How else do you think the 2012 GT-R was able to push out an extra 45 or so Horsepower!

It is proven that when the inlet pipes are installed onto a earlier model GT-R, the GT-R picks up an extra 17 peak horsepower without tune. After a tune, the GT-R is able to achieve a whopping 29+ horsepower on the Dyno.

Sold as a set.

These are the superseded part numbers that replace: 14460-KB50A & 14460-KB50B