Kanjo LED Underglow Kit (6pc set)

SKU: Kanjo 364115376135191
Regular price $170.00

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Kanjo Spec. D is the first automotive company to offer a fully plug-and-play system with custom lengths. Simply measure your car, order the right strips, then install them to complete the process! Additionally, our plug-and-play mechanism makes it incredibly easy to replace a strip if it is damaged or scraped off. In order to guarantee that your vehicle will standout from the crowd, we offer tough, IP68 waterproof color-chasing LED strips with strong 3M tape. Obtaining an underglow kit that fits perfectly has never been simpler thanks to our custom lengths and plug-and-play method!


Our kit includes:

  • 2x Front LED strips
  • 2x Side LED strips
  • 2x Rear LED strips
  • 4x IP68 connector cables
  • Kanjo Spec.D bluetooth module featuring 200 color chase modes + unlimited solid colors
  • Smart phone app remote contol for Android and iOS
  • Standard remote control (batteries included)
  • Fuse with fuse holder
  • Light up On/Off button kill switch
  • Mounting Tabs + Zip Ties


There are no returns on special order parts