Kanjo 370Z Rear Differential Brace for non-Nismo

SKU: Kanjo 370Z Rear Diff Brace
Regular price $140.00

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A single offset mounting stud located in the differential cover secures your 370Z's rear differential to the subframe. The mounting stud and differential bushing from the factory are prone to breaking, and modified cars that are constantly abused or launched make these problems worse. In more extreme situations, we've seen cars either shatter the mounting stud or the factory differential cover. When a breakdown happens, the inner axle joints of the axles are broken, and your exhaust could get damaged as the differential separates from the subframe.

Kanjo Spec.D have created the strongest differential bracing yet to stop this failure. The extra support helps to lessen wheel hop and driveline slop while also reducing stress on the differential cover and stud. Unlike cast 304 stainless steel which are prone to shatter or snap, we were able to create a bracing without the risk of failure from joints or welds by using thick hardened steel. The Kanjo Spec.D Rear Differential Brace uses holes that are already present in the car to offer support. We also included a maintenance window and a jacking point for the weekend warrior, in case they need to jack up their car or drain fluids, respectively.