JWT Sport 550 Ball Bearing Twin Turbo Kit - Nissan 300ZX 90-96 Z32

SKU: WZ320-BB550
Regular price $3,535.28

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This turbo kit is complete with gaskets, and outlet oil drain pipes. Capable of making 380+ RWHP on 91 octane fuel with supporting modifications. Capable of 470+ RWHP on race fuel. As with any engine, supporting modifications in the areas of cams, exhaust, and intercoolerpiping all make a huge difference in spool and power.

Excellent choice for daily driven vehicles with minor modifications. Excellent spool for great pep around town. Requires the use of 5-bolt down pipes.

Dyno Charts:

Above dyno shows 91 octane, 100 octane, and race fuel dynos.
There is potential for more power on this car.
Car mods include stock exhaust manifolds, stock longblock (no cams), SZ 3" Down PipesTest Pipes to 2.5", unmodified Stillen intercoolersstock piping.

-550 HP potential.
-Bolts on to existing exhaust manifolds.
-Offers superior spool-up compared to other turbos of this size.

Kit includes:

2x JWT Sport 550 BB Turbochargers
1x Complete Gasket Kit
2x Modified L+R Return Tubes

5-Bolt Downpipes are required.