JWT Solid Lifter HD Valve Spring Set, Solid Lifters - Nissan 300ZX Z32

SKU: AZ320-5SPRM x 24
Regular price $366.72

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These springs are meant ONLY for solid cams like the JWT Race Cams and Tomei line of solid cams. Also required are Tomei solid lifters to replace the factory HLAs.

Jim Wolf Technology solid lifter heavy duty valve springs for the Nissan 300zx VG30 engine are required when running the JWT 500 Solid Lifter cams or the Tomei Solid lifter cams only. These are designed for the higher lift and higher RPM available when using solid lifters. Sold as a set of 24.

IH (install height) = 35mm / 50 lbs seat pressure

Sold as a set of 24.