JWT Camshafts 300ZX Z32

SKU: AZ320-T00R4 etc
Regular price $1,200.88

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We highly recommend 3 particular JWT cams due to their performance and testing we've done with them.

The 400+ Cams are excellent for a daily driven vehicle and for those looking to keep a smooth silky idle. Makes good vacuum at idle. Perfect for smaller turbochargers and cars making 400 to 650 HP. 264 DEG/375" LIFT +4 degrees on exhaust L.C. Can be used with OEM valve springs or JWT HD Springs.

The 500 "Wild Cams", don't let the name scare you. It offers an amazing powerband from 3000+ RPMs. A must for reaching any turbos potential for the heads to move air. It derives the "wild" name because of a loopier idle. For those near us we can fine tune the "wild" cam to get a nice smooth idle. Makes less vacuum at idle. 272/.385" 229@.050"+4 degrees advance on exhaust L.C. Requires the use of JWT HD Valve Springs.

The Solid Race Cam is made for maximum power. It requires casting modification to the head for lobe clearance. Another requirement is the use of Tomei solid lifters , shims and JWT Solid Valve Springs. The regular JWT HD Valve Springs will NOT work! Valves must be cut to size for required lash. Specs not released. Please be sure to remove the valves located in the back of your stock intake cams. They are REQUIRED to be transferred over to the new cams. If you do not do so you will lose the amazing Nissan VTC system. *** This product is for off-road, competition use only, and as such; is not for use on emission controlled vehicles. This product cannot be sold to customers in the state of California. All orders for this product, from California, will be cancelled. ***