J&S Safeguard Knock Controller (Interceptor Model)

SKU: 1004-Int-6
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J&S Safeguard Knock Controller (Interceptor Model)

Originally introduced in 1991, the J&S SafeGuard is still the world's only standalone individual cylinder knock control ignition. Throughout the years as technology has advanced so has this knock controller.

This unit has the technology to use the factory Nissan knock sensor to control knock per individual cylinder or across all 6 cylinders. Having a dedicated knock "ECU" to listen to certain engine noise (detonation) is an answer to the factory Nissan ECU. The factory's method for controlling & listening to true knock is very poor and works only below a low RPM range.

The unit has LEDs for each cylinder to display which cylinder's are getting knock. An optional gauge is available to monitor the amount of knock being retarded. It can retard a maximum of 20 degrees which is adjustable from a max of 10 or 20 degrees.

Protects your engine against changing weather conditions (heat), fuel system failures, racing conditions, and bad fuel.

We now offer the option to include a sub-harness so you do not need to modify the factory harness. We also offer the option to wire it up to the sub-harness as well for a "plug n' play" install.