Haltech I/O Expander 12

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Haltech I/O Expander 12 including Flying Lead Harness.

The Haltech I/O Expander 12 allows the user the ability to increase the functionality of their Haltech ECU by using the Haltech CAN system which is fitted to all Platinum Series ECU’s, the I/O Expander 12 instantly makes available 12 additional user configurable inputs and outputs.

Simply plug in the CAN cable and start using your extra I/O

• 4 x AVI – Analogue Voltage Inputs (0-5V)*1
• 4 x DPI – Digital Pulsed Inputs ( 0-5V – Max Freq 300Hz) *1
• 4 x DPO – Digital Pulsed Outputs (5V / 12V Pull ups – Max 1A) *1
• Broadcast rate of 20mS to the Haltech ECU for each channel.
• User definable “Safe State” for each output in case of loss of communications or error.
• Switchable pull up resistors on AVI channels for use with temperature sensors.
• Power and Status LED’s
• Powered by CAN bus. External power only required if DPO’s are to be used.
• Multiple I/O Expander Boxes can be used on certain Haltech ECU’s

ECU Suitability:
• Sprint 500 – (maximum 1 box*3)
• Sprint RE – (maximum 1 box*3)
• Sport 1000/2000 – (maximum 1 box*3)
• Sport GM – (maximum 1 box*3)
• Pro Harness*4 – (maximum 1 box*3)
• Pro Plug-in ECU’s*4 – (maximum 2 boxes*2)

Power Requirements:
Source: 8.6 to 16.5 Volts DC
Consumption: 50mA @ 12Volts DC

Physical Dimensions:
• Length: 98mm
• Width: 64mm
• Height: 28mm

• ECU: 125g (0.28 lb)
• Harness: 630g (1.39 lb)

Haltech I/O Expander 12Kit Includes:
• Haltech I/O Expander 12 CAN direct connection cable (600mm)*2

*1. Functions available may vary depending on ECU used. Full function listing on pages 2-4 of the Specification Sheet.

*2. Optional CAN Hub required to be purchased if more than one device is to be fitted to the Haltech CAN Bus. Haltech Part # HT059990.

*3. Supports Box A Only.

*4. Supported in 1.10 and above firmware only.

If you're wanting to expand the functionality of your Haltech Pro Series ECU even further, you'll want to add Box A. Additional expansion requires Box B, but only if Box A is already being used. If you're using a different series of Haltech, either Box A or B will work for expansion.