GReddy Profec Electronic Boost Controller

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The new Profec is GReddy's next generation boost controller, featuring a redesigned solenoid for faster response, a new waterproof sensor and control box, and an extremely simple and intuitive user interface viewed on an ultra-crisp OLED display.

header480.jpg CONTROLS
Simple dial and push-button controls were designed with an emphasis on simple operation. The new control dial allows you to quickly and easily navigate the interface to make adjustments, and the interface is easy to navigate, so you don't have to hunt through confusing menus to find the setting you need.

Unlike other boost controllers, which use LCD displays, the new Profec uses a high-contrast OLED display. OLED displays have superb visibility, day or night, and can be seen clearly even at sharp viewing angles. Not only is it easier to read, it's more pleasant to look at than many other boost controllers. The display orientation can also be rotated 180°, so you can mount it wherever it's convenient for you.
numeric.jpg bargraph.jpg graph.jpg

The Profec can also be configured to display in any one of three modes: Numeric, Bar Graph, or Map trace.

Warning and Limiter functions are included, giving you a visual and audio alert if boost reaches unsafe levels or the system detects an over-boost situation. If desired, this warning can be coupled with an automatic limiter function. When the warning level is passed, the Profec can reduce boost pressure with this programmable function.

solenoid.jpg SOLENOID
The new Profec uses a totally redesigned 3-port solenoid to control boost pressure. The new design is much more compact than the previous solenoid, and it is controlled by a faster processor. The result is quicker boost response, and more accurate boost control, all while being easier to mount in the engine bay. These improvements also eliminate the need for bulky, expensive, and complex "dual solenoid" systems which are otherwise employed for more accurate boost control.

Included with the Profec are all of the components you need to get started. The complete kit includes the Profec display/control unit, waterproof sensor unit with pressure sensor, boost solenoid (and port fittings), and an adjustable mounting base for dashboard mounting. Vacuum hose, mounting hardware, Y-fittings, and a vacuum filter are also included.

  • Slim compact control unit mounts easily in the driver compartment, either flush mounted or with the included adjustable bracket.
  • Bright OLED screen makes easy work of programming and displaying boost (in Numeric, Bar-Graph or Map trace modes, and in kPa or PSI).
  • Faster CPU processor and new, smaller solenoid valve improve boost response and control for the most stable boost curves found in a Profec.
  • Intuitive program screens with simple dial and button controls.
  • Separated, waterproof sensor unit with integrated 300kPa (43.5psi) high-performance pressure sensor remains in the engine compartment for simple installation.
  • 3 Boost Settings - LO, HI and a timed Scramble Boost Mode (from 1-99 seconds).
  • Configurable for both actuator-style (internal wastegate) and external wastegate types.
  • Last Boost and Peak Hold Boost Recall, well as a Warning Alert and saftey Limiter functions.
  • Data Lock and 180° mounting options.