Nissan OEM Engine Gasket Kit w/ Optional Cometic Metal Head Gaskets - Nissan 300ZX Z32

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Regular price $675.47

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This is a OEM Engine Gasket Kit for the 300ZX.

Included in both Non-Turbo/Turbo Kits include:

• Rear Main Seal

• Rear Main Seal Retainer Gasket

• Oil Jet Gaskets (x3)

• Drain Plug Washer

• Front & Rear Oil Pan Gaskets

• Head Gaskets (x2)

• Cam Shaft Seals (x4)

• Valve Seals (x24)

• Oil Filler Cap O-ring

• Valve Cover Seals (x2)

• Crank Angle Sensor/Timing Belt Cover Seal

• Timing Belt Cover Seals (x6)

• Timing Belt Cover Grommets (x4)

• Lower Intake to Head Gaskets (x2)

• Upper Intake to Lower Manifold Gasket

• Balance Tube O-rings (x3)

• Throttle Body Gaskets (x2)

• Exhaust Manifold Gaskets (x2)

• EGR Gaskets (x4)

• Front Crank Shaft Seal

• Oil Pump Gasket

• Oil Strainer O-ring

• Oil Filter Bracket Gasket

• AAC Valve Gasket


Twin Turbo kits also include:

• Exhaust Manifold to Turbo Gaskets (x2)

• 4-Bolt Downpipe Gaskets (x2)

• Inlet Turbo Gaskets (x2)

• Turbo Feed Copper Gaskets (x3)

• Turbo Water Line Copper Gaskets (x8)

• Turbo Oil Return Tube Gaskets (x2)


Please be aware that Nissan / Nismo / Infiniti pricing is subject to change.