CJM FPD Fuel Rails, VQ35DE

SKU: 200.0001
Regular price $389.95
Crossover Hose
Pulsation Dampers

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CJM's billet VQ35DE fuel rails set the bar with all the features, construction, fitment, and performance you'd expect. Dedicated to the VQ platform, we produce left/right specific rails for each generation of the VQ. This results in an OEM-like fitment to the proper fuel rail mounting bosses and allows for a cleaner hose installation by constructing the appropriate length to the end of each rail.

One of the more significant features is the option to install fuel pulsation dampers. Each rail has a damper port on the bottom. Dampers are highly recommended for most applications, especially in projects with mostly rigid (hard pipe, PTFE, or Nylon) fuel plumbing.

End Fittings: (4) Aluminum 6AN with Viton O-Ring

Standard with every set, we include stainless injector retainers that can be used with OEM or aftermarket injectors (that feature the retainer groove). A complete set of aluminum 6AN port fittings with Viton o-rings are also included. These rails will mount to the lower intake manifold with the supplied stainless cap screws and washers, re-using the original phenolic spacers. We also include a set of shorter spacers to allow you to lower the rails a bit when used with many aftermarket injectors that are slightly shorter.


Crossover Hose: This compact hose can be used to build a clean bridge, joining the fuel rails in the front of the intake manifold.

Pulsation Dampers: Each rail has a pulsation damper port, plugged, and ready to receive a damper. For the VQ35DE, we recommend a damper in each rail.

Technical Notes:

  • Fits with OEM injectors or most injectors compatible with stock rails.
  • Compatible with most popular injectors using a 14mm o-ring and 48mm body length.
  • Intended specifically for 2003 - 2006 Nissan 350z and Infiniti G35. Fitment with FWD VQ applications is unknown.