CJM 370z Twin Pump Canister Kit

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Regular price $394.95

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Adding this canister kit to the CJM 370z Twin Pump will greatly reduce the vehicles tendency for fuel slosh starvation that is caused when the fuel moves to the left side of the fuel tank during aggressive right hand turns. The 370z fuel tank has no baffles to prevent the fuel from sloshing side to side. As fuel is consumed and the level in the tank lowers, open space is created where fuel can slosh around and get away from the pumps, causing momentarily losses in fuel pressure. The less volume of fuel left in the tank, the more prone the 370z is to lose fuel pressure should a driver go high throttle during or after a hard right turn, as much of the fuel has moved to the opposite side of the tank and away from the pump(s). This canister provides a reserve volume of fuel surrounding the pump(s) to keep the fuel system pressurized while the existing venturi system works to recover fuel to the right side of the tank.

This kit includes 2 compact fuel pump strainers, and a connector kit for the fuel level sensor. The fuel level sensor will mount outside the canister, and be installed to the canister from within the tank a few steps before the twin pump assembly is lowered in. This necessitates a disconnect for the fuel level sensor.


Technical Notes:

  • This products requires separate purchase of the CJM 370z Twin Pump.
  • This product is not compatible with the CJM Billet Top Hat for the OEM fuel pump assembly.