BDE Polyurethane Transmission Mount & Crossmember

SKU: BDE-7300
Regular price $184.00

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BDE has taken the proven Energy Suspension polyurethane transmission mount design and adapted it to work with both the Z32's manual and automatic transmissions.

The ES mount features a patented interlock design to effectively control both tension and compression loading (see cutaway picture below). It is taller than a stock Z32 mount, so a custom crossmember is required to keep the tranmission height the same as stock.

The new V2 BDE Z32 crossmember is laser cut mild steel, press-brake formed, and painted gray.

Also included is a BDE designed custom exhaust hanger bracket that also functions as the top preload plate for the ES mount.

BDE does not reccommend using this product in conjunction with stock motor mounts - the stock motor mounts are too soft and will allow excessive vibration to be transmitted to the stiffer BDE/ES transmission mount.