BDE Lower Profile Engine Motor Mounts - Nissan 300ZX Z32

SKU: BDE-7000
Regular price $422.75

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BDE Low Profile Engine Mounts were designed from a clean sheet of paper. The OE cast aluminum and bulky rubber mounts have been replaced with TIG welded tube steel and a pair of Energy Suspension® polyurethane bushings. These bushings isolate engine vibration only... in other words, by design, the BDE mounts do not rely upon the bushing material's tensile or bond strength to keep the engine in place. Instead, the tension forces that tear apart stock mounts are contained with high-strength components while the engine is allowed to simply "float" within a polyurethane cushion.

Contrary to popular belief, the "Low Profile" design of the mounts does not affect engine height, instead the Low Profile design provides additional clearance for 3" to 4" air intakes found on larger turbos which are becoming more and more common on Z32s.

BDE is the originator of this design, beware of AMS / Z32 Innovations' rip-offs which are cheap imitations that use unknown materials, poor welding and questionable bushing quality. BDE Low Profile mounts are 100% made in the USA with Aerospace Materials Specification certified materials, TIG welded by a certified welder, and use genuine Energy Suspension® polyurethane bushings... the AMS / Z32 Innovations rip-offs only claim of benefit is they are cheaper, but garbage of this caliber should be free. AMS / Z32 Innovations simply can't compete with BDE on any level.