ATI Super Damper Race Pulley for VG30DE(TT)

SKU: ATI917755
Regular price $480.55

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Highly recommended for high RPM and high power applications to dampen engine harmonics.

VG30 Race Damper is built around ATI's large diameter 6.325" inertia ring to control high-RPM harmonics (a larger/heavier inertia ring will control harmonics better at higher RPMs than a lighter one will).

  • 8% overdriven AC and H2O/Alt pulleys
  • 6% overdriven PS pulley
  • Rated for 1000 HP engines
  • Weighs 7.24 lbs (stock weighs 13.4 lbs)
  • Aluminum outer/inner shell and pulleys
  • Removable crankshaft hub
  • Laser engraved 360° timing marks
  • SFI 18.1 approved
  • Black anodized finish
  • Built in the USA

A note about fitment: It's been observed that some users encounter issues with belt alignment, particularly on the power steering pump belt, which can cause the belt to fly off at high RPM. Our observation is that this tends to be limited to those running this crank pulley alongside a non-turbo (or 94+ TT) power steering pump, regardless of which pulley is used. Here are some tips we've learned over the years:

  • A belt being too tight will increase the likelihood of this happening, it tends to make it "roll over" and jump off
  • It can be partially mitigated by running a 4-rib pulley (like UR or AMS) on the pump, but running a 3-rib belt aligned to the PS pulley but the REAR of the crank pulley
  • The pump can be moved forward slightly by grinding the inside of the pump bracket, and shimming it forward with a thick washer

The issue has been brought to ATI's attention, but because it only seems to be limited to certain combinations of setups, it has remained unchanged. Please note that this is just the way they are, and we cannot accept returns for these once they are installed.