AMS Motorsports SEKUSHI Resonated Test Pipes, VQ35HR VQ37VHR - Nissan 350Z, 370Z / Infiniti G35, G37, Q50, Q60

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Prepare for the ultimate “SEKUSHI” Test-Pipes for your VQ! Japanese for Sexy, these units are without comparison on the marketplace! You get everything with these Test Pipes not offered with the competitors including Motordyne/ART! We looked at all the offerings on the market over the years and incorporated what was lacking into making these these “Perfect” – improving on all the shortcomings of others.

The Design incorporates sound perfecting harmonics for a deep, quiet and non-raspy ton while extracting Maximum Power! Upward of 15+ hp tq versus standard obnoxious test pipes. The features are abundant and superior to the competitors. We even offer a World First and exclusive all Titanium Version for the hardcore enthusiasts. The Titanium will offer maximum weight savings and sound. Our Stainless Steel Versions are true T304 SS not the cheaper Stainless used by everyone else including Motordyne/ART/Torquen.

Our Sekushi Flanges are real T304 SS also and not mild steel that is chrome plated like Motordyne/ART and others. The support Brackets on the Sekushi Pipes are also T304 SS.

-USE Factory O-Rings or use the traditional gaskets included

-Upwards of 15+ hp tq -T304 SS Construction throughout -The flanges on our AMSMOTORSPORTS versions are real T304 also instead of mild steel that is chromed like the competitors.

-Laser TIG welds are superior 

-extra Oxygen sensor bungs on each side for wide band sensors

-hanger/flanges made of T304 SS unlike the cheaper competitor models

-1 lb lighter than the competitor versions (SS), Titanium Version is combined 5.95 lbs for both which is 60% lighter than Motordyne/ART pipes.

-Perfect match to AMS AMSMOTORSPORTS Y-PIPES which can be ordered and Switched from Straight Pipe, Resonated and H-Flow Metal Core Catalytic Versions

 -FITMENT (DOES NOT FIT AWD): 2007-G35 COUPE VQ35DE (REV UP Manual) 2007-G35 COUPE VQ35DE 2007 – G35 SEDAN VQ35DE 2007 – 350Z Convertble Roadster VQ35HR 2007 – 350Z Coupe VQ35HR 2008 – G35 Sedan VQ35HR 2008 – G37 Coupe VQ35HR 2009-2020 370Z/G37 VQ37VHR 2014 – Q50 Sedan VQ35HR (hybrid) 2014 – Q50 Sedan VQ37VHR 2014 – Q60 Convertible VQ37VH 2015 – Q40 Sedan VQ37VHR 2015 – Q50 Sedan VQ35HR (Hybrid) 2015 – Q50 Sedan VQ37VHR 2015 – Q60 Convertible VQ37VHR 2015 – Q60 Coupe VQ37VHR 2016-2017 Q50 Sedan VQ35HR/Hybrid