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  • 2017-2020 INFINITI Q60 with VR30
  • 2016-2020 INFINITI Q50 with VR30

With 20 years of documented research and development in the forced induction field, AMS Performance has proven itself as the powerhouse in the automotive aftermarket. Our award winning performance systems are what all others are measured by. Be the Alpha.

Run E85 straight from the pump without having to worry about manually calculating your ethanol content percentage! With the Red Alpha Flex Fuel Kit v2 you can run gasoline, E85, or any mixture of gas and ethanol with a content rating from 0 to 100% ethanol.

Our flex fuel system’s ethanol sensor and electronics instruct your vehicle’s ECU on how to adjust parameters like fueling, boost, and timing to produce the most power possible for a given fuel or mixture of fuels. These adjustments happen seamlessly in the background of your flex fuel tune allowing you to be flexible with what fuel you utilize in your Infiniti. This is a set-it-and-forget-it flex fuel system that requires no adjustment once installed and tuned. The complete kit includes the AMS Signal Converter, ethanol sensor, braided fuel lines, and hardware. This kit is also a direct plug and play with EcuTek software as AMS was part of the EcuTek flex fuel development program, so we’re uniquely familiar with flex fuel systems on the VR30 engine.

  • Full kit allows user to run any fuel or mixture of fuels from 93 octane to E85
  • Fully integrates with EcuTek ECU software for a seamless solution
  • Unique safety features allow for safety trips to be set, protecting your engine
  • Uses race grade AN fittings and aluminum quick connect fittings for easy install and leak-free operation
  • Utilizes all race grade black nylon coated E85 compatible -6AN braided hose
  • Stainless steel and CNC machined anodized aluminum brackets secure the kit from movement
  • Bolt-in install with no permanent modification to vehicle required



AMS Performance is an engineering company first. We have built our 20 year reputation as a leading motorsports aftermarket component manufacturer by creating the highest performing parts through a focused engineering approach to design. This design method allows us to include features not found in any other kits on the market, including a motorsports quality plug-n-play harness, braided fuel lines, and AN fitting connections. Where others use plastic fittings, low grade rubber fuel hose, and leak prone clamps, we have put together a system that uses the highest quality materials for years of trouble free operation.

Also included in the Red Alpha Flex Fuel Kit v2 are a number of brackets which are designed to secure the various fuel lines and components within the kit to OEM bolt locations. Where other kits leave items like the content sensor unsecured to move around in the engine bay, we provide stainless steel and CNC machined anodized aluminum brackets to mount these pieces. This is done to prevent any possibility of damage to the lines from continuously rubbing on other components, as well as to prevent fittings from possibly loosening over time, causing a dangerous fuel leak.


For our version 2 of the Red Alpha Flex Fuel Kit we have added a proprietary fuel sensor signal converter which takes the signal from the ethanol content sensor and converts the incoming electrical frequency to the correct electrical voltage that the ECU can read.  The best part – There is no need to spend extra money on an unnecessary phone app to read your ethanol content like with other kits. The readings are sent directly to the ECU and available through your existing EcuTek app for you to view.

This new AMS Signal Converter also allows us to incorporate new safety features which allow the tuner to set up extra protections for your engine. By utilizing certain voltage ranges from the converter, different safety trips can be enabled that will automatically put the vehicle into limp mode should it see that the ethanol content sensor has become unplugged, failed, or if the readings show an abnormal amount of water/impurities in the fuel itself. These additional safety features give you peace of mind when using the AMS Performance Red Alpha Flex Fuel Kit, so you can simply enjoy driving your E85 tuned Q.


  • Custom ECU calibration is necessary to run this kit as an automatic flex fuel system