Alcon Big Brake Super Kit w/ - Nissan GT-R R35

SKU: BKC1759ZG01
Regular price $7,837.50

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The Alcon GT-R Super Kit has the largest brake caliper, rotor, and pad upgrade available for the GT-R, with the front rotors having a massive 15.75 x 1.42 (400mm x 36mm) size, and the rear rotors coming in at 15.16 x 1.30 (385mm x 33mm.) The kits 2-piece floating rotors also include Alcons unique bobbin drive system and crescent groove pattern on the face along with 48 internal vanes with turbulators. The mammoth sized Mono-block calipers are machined from solid billet and contain 6-pistons in both the front AND rear, along with dust seals, anti-rattle clips, ventilated piston inserts in the front, and utilization of the OEM parking brake in the rear. The brake pads included are Pagid RS9-2 models, with anti-squeal shims and a surface area of 33.6 square inches (217 square centimeters) in the front and 18.7 (121 sq cm) in the rear. High quality stainless steel braided brake lines complete the kit. And, best of all, these huge brakes fit inside the OEM 20†wheels and work with the stock brake actuation system! While other expensive carbon-ceramic brake pads and rotors are good for dedicated race cars that have extreme brake temperatures all the time, they cannot match the initial bite and cold/warm stopping power of this Alcon Super Kit during normal and spirited driving conditions. This is due to the fact that carbon has to be extremely hot to work well, yet the Alcon Super Kit performs well when cold, warm, and hot.

Ultra-high resilience piston seals minimize piston retraction distance for negligible dead pedal travel, which means better pedal feel and a quicker reaction time. Differential piston bores optimize pad wear and movement by balancing forces with temperature gradients across the pad surface. Optimal opposed piston sizing allows for OEM piston matching for proper loading for the ABS pump cycle rates. The combination of the rotor casting process and Alcon's unique alloy composition makes for better heat conduction and absorption. Alcon's unique crescent slots provide gas relief and pad cleaning while minimizing the pedal pulsations normally associated with straight slotted rotors. The rotor's floating pin bobbin drive setup allows for proper expansion during thermal loading, thus reducing rotor warping and noise. Under repetitive high-load use, the rotor will expand both on the radius and the width. A properly designed floating system will compensate for the necessary thermal expansion of the particular rotor and hat combination. Machining tolerances are essential in offering a package that does not "run out of float".


400mm Front Ventilated, 2pc Curved Groove Discs
385mm Rear Ventilated, 2pc Curved Groove Discs
6-piston, Monobloc Billet Front Calipers w/ Pads
6-piston, Monobloc Billet Rear Calipers w/ Pads