ZSpeed Performance Nismo 370Z 2009-2012 PC BLACK NISMO Front Diffuser

Replace those old, often broken factory plastic shields with ZSpeed Performance Aluminum shields!
ZSpeed Performance Nismo 370Z Powder Coated Black Aluminum Under Engine Diffuser The ZSpeed Performance diffuser replaces the very costly ($1400.00+) plastic engine splash shield the Nismo version 370Z comes with from the factory. This piece is very important to have for correct air flow under the car. We have included an oil change access panel for quick and painless oil changes so there is no need to remove the entire splash shield just to change the oil and filter. Plenty of room for bigger sway bars, deeper aftermarket oil pans and oil pan spacers. • Provides better air flow under car • Oil change access door • Coolant drain access hole • Precision made of .063" aluminum • Vented in front recess to pull cool air in and across oil pan and then out the back of the shield for better cooling. These ship in 2 boxes. Includes all new mounting hardware.
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