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370Z/G37 Flex Fuel Kit


We have created our own Flex Fuel kit, which is very simple to install.

Please make sure to read the product description below for further details.

Installation is very simple. The NA version uses a Nissan OEM fuel supply hose, which is modified and has a Continental E% sensor in-line. It just snaps in or out with quick connects. The Boosted version assumes that a Fast Intentions or CJ Motorsports return fuel system is being used, and therefore does not include the OEM supply hose. For this application, the sensor is installed right after the fuel filter using the provided AN fittings. Both versions use the same Zeitronix ECA-2, which requires only 12v, ground, and E% output to a certain pin on the ECU. Please see the installation instructions here: CLICKY

Included in our Naturally Aspirated kit:

• OEM Fuel Supply Hose Assembly, modified in-house for a Ethanol sensor

• Continental Ethanol Sensor (GM style)

• Zeitronix ECA-2

Included in our Boosted kit:

• AN Fittings (3x)

• Continental Ethanol Sensor (GM style)

• Zeitronix ECA-2

Both of these kits require a EcuTek tune for proper functionality. Please note that this is intended for off-road vehicles only! Please check with your local and state laws before purchasing!

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